Seize the corporate partnerships opportunity

Whether you are a chief executive, fundraising director, head of fundraising or ambitious corporate fundraiser, you have probably come here because you want to create major, long-term, corporate partnerships. Perhaps you want to create extraordinary corporate partnerships like the ones between Age UK and Innocent Drinks, Macmillan and Boots or Missing People and Royal Mail.

The opportunity for your charity to partner with companies is very exciting, because these partnerships have the potential to deliver transformational benefits for the company, the charity and society. Charities are tackling enormous problems and their work is very meaningful, whilst companies are great at solving problems and are often rich in resources. This means there are exciting opportunities to create partnerships based on shared value.

Also there has never been a better time for charities to partner with companies, because public trust of companies is low, and the new generation of employees, known as millennials, want to work for companies that have a greater purpose than just profit.

Here at Remarkable Partnerships we are passionate about helping charities seize the corporate partnerships opportunity. We work with a range of different charities to increase their confidence, capability and focus to deliver corporate partnerships results. In short, we help you and your charity become good enough to win!

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Make your charity more attractive to businesses.