Corporate Partnerships: The Power of Focus – Institute of Fundraising Scotland

Royston will be speaking at the Scottish Fundraising Conference in October.

What you focus on determines the results you achieve, so as Stephen Covey says, “The main thing is to make the main thing, the main thing.”

This session will show the crucial role that focus plays in securing corporate partnerships and Royston will bring the session alive by speaking about three case studies and how focus is the difference between success and failure.

This session will demonstrate how to use the power of focus to engage a company in your cause by:

  • Focusing on your value as a great partner
  • Focusing on a prospect’s corporate objectives
  • Focusing on seizing the opportunity

During this session, we’ll share our experience and successes to show you how focus can deliver a more strategic approach to your securing partnerships and how by raising your bar you can achieve brilliant results.